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Industrial Equipments

Jet Pulse Filters

Jet Pulse Filters come in a variety of shapes, size and filter bag layouts to fit a broad range of applications. But the cleaning cycle is the same throughout the line. Dust-laden air or gas enters the Jet Pulse Filter through a hopper inlet where it is directed toward a deflector that slows the airflow and causes heavier particles to fall directly into the hopper. 

Teknikmak produces Jet Pulse Filters with different capacities and dimensions.

Industrial Conveyers

Teknikmak serves high quality products and custom solutions for conveying systems. Teknikmak produces conveyor systems for many industries. 

Industrial conveyors have many types and designs. Common types are belt, roller, screw conveyors. They are used to move products and deliver products to a production line.

Conveyers used for;

  • Moving products from a point to another.

  • Carrying products too heavy 

  • Moving a product while workers are working on it

  • Preventing products from a damage caused by movement

Conveyer Types we are producing

  1. Belt Conveyers

  2. Roller Conveyers

  3. Screw Conveyers

  4. Chain Conveyers

Air Fans and Blowers

Teknikmak provides required performance and characteristics of fans and blowers up to the clients' needs. We supply custom product and low maintenance fans for our clients' processes.


Types of fans we are producing

  • Centrifugal Fans (Motor Driven)

  • Centrifugal Fans (Belt Driven)

  • Centrifugal Fans (Coupling Driven)

Industrial Elevators

We provide high quality and custom elevator types for our clients. The types of elevators we produce are as follows.


  1. Bucket Elevator

  2. Steel Belt Bucket Elevator

  3. Plate Chain Bucket Elevator

Rotary Heaters